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Sample PIA - DHMH

Jennifer Goldberg offered this sample, with her usual humble disclaimer about how good it might be.  But it is a fine example, in concert with the one from Peter Sabonis for DLLR.

Sample PIA - DLLR

You can find a sample of a PIA, along with an accompanying letter requesting additional information, prepared by Peter Sabonis regarding DLLR issues at: http://www.mdjustice.org/node/1668.

I am not reattaching it, beause that would take up a good bit of space on the website server.

Veterans Readjustment Centers

The 7 statewide centers provide vets with (or refer them to) psychological and social services.  Each center typically has a 4-5 person staff.  These centers are "parallel" to and don't share client information with the VA health and benefits system.  This structure is designed to ensure vets feel they can provide information and receive services without endangering VA or other benefits.

Readjustment Counseling Service, Mid-Atlantic Region
305 W. Chesapeake Ave., Suite 300
Towson, MD 21204
Phone: 410-828-6619

Aberdeen Vet Center
223 W.

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