Civil Rights

Criminal Histories & Credit Histories

This Book will include legal strategies to combat discrimination against persons with criminal histories or bad credit.  At creation, it will focus on employment discrimination.  Hopefully, it will expand to include discrimination relative to housing and other areas.  To date in Maryland the three established strategies involve Expungement, Title VII, and the Federal Fair Credit and Reporting Act.  A state statute that limits the use of credit checks will soon join this group.  There are avenues to explore, however, if you have some time.  The essay below

Maryland Crime Victims Resource Center, Inc.

Name:   Maryland Crime Victims Resource Center, Inc.
Address:   1001 Prince George's Boulevard, Suite 750
    Upper Marlboro, MD 20774
Phone Number:   (301) 952-0063; 1-877-VICTIM-1
Fax Number:   (240) 929-0526

Maryland Crime Victims Resource Center, Inc. is a statewide victims' rights organization, providing information on victims' rights to all Marylanders and specialized legal services to indigent crime victims.

Executive Director: Russell P. Butler, Esq.

Web site:

ABA Draft Resolutions Regarding the Civil Right to Counsel

On the following subpages:

From the ABA Standing Committee on Legal Aid and Indigent Defendants, draft proposals concerning the civil right to counsel.

Information about deaf access to legal services

I was asked about whether we have the technology to meet the needs of deaf clients. This requires some research, which I am still in the process of doing. I have collected some very relevant materials which I am posting here.

Every advocate and employee who may interact with a deaf client should be reading these materials so that they are prepared before meeting with deaf clients.

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