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If you are an attorney or paralegal doing pro bono work, and are interested exploring the resources of this website not available to the general public, please complete the application you will find at:  The Website Administration Committee will review your application.  You will hear from us when we have completed our review.

BRIDGE TO JUSTICE: Wage and Hour Connects Workers To New ABA-Approved Attorney Referral System

Today, December 13, 2010, the Wage and Hour Division (WHD) and the American Bar Association began an unprecedented collaboration providing for an Attorney Referral System.  When Fair Labor Standards Act or Family and Medical Leave Act complainants are informed that the Wage and Hour Division is declining to pursue their complaints, they may also be given a toll-free number to contact the newly created ABA-Approved Attorney Referral System.

Your Maryland Scenic Photo Here!

MDJustice needs window dressing!  

I have been rotating photos on the front page, just to keep things interesting, but I live in Frederick, so many of the photos are local scenes.  Lovely, but let's get some representation from across the state.

Civil Right to Counsel (Civil Gideon)


This Book will have to be organized as we gather information.  Right now I've noticed we have a lot of "civil Gideon" information kind of spread around MDJustice, and I thought it might be helpful to gather it in one place.  We'll see.  It is not in any particular order yet.

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