Landlord/Tenant (Non-Federal Housing Programs)

Lead Paint Manual

This manual provides an overview of the relevant state and federal laws pertaining to lead-based paint poisoning. This document also includes summaries of case law addressing lead poisoning. The Coalition to End Childhood Lead Poisoning’s Handbook for the Prevention of Childhood Lead Poisoning in Maryland was the primary resource used to locate all state and federal laws, and is an excellent resource for further information on lead poisoning.

This manual was created by Brittany White, a law clerk from the Upper Eastern Shore office.

Help for Renters In Foreclosure - Brochure

If your landlord has not paid the mortgage and the bank forecloses on the property, you may have the right to stay for the rest of your lease. If your lease is month-to-month, the new owner may still be required to give you a valid 90-day notice to va-cate after the foreclosure is complete.

In the attached brochure, there is some information to help you figure out what is going on, what you can do, and where to find referrals for legal advice and other assistance.

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