CASA de Maryland

Name:   CASA de Maryland
Address:   8151 15th Avenue
    Hyattsville, MD 20783
Phone Number:   (301) 270-0419
Fax Number:   (301) 270-8659

CASA de Maryland’s primary mission is to work with the community to improve the quality of life and fight for equal treatment and full access to resources and opportunities for low-income Latinos and their families. CASA works with other low-income immigrant communities, makes its programs and activities available to them, and joins with other organizations to advocate for social, political, and economic justice for all low-income communities.

CASA’s Services Department responds to the needs of low-income Latinos and other immigrants and their families, utilizing service provision models that promote building the power of the immigrant community. This includes community education to prevent problems and build on community interest and assets, and working to impact trends that negatively affect low-income Latinos and other immigrants. The Services Departments includes Community Access, Member Services Coordinator, Legal, and Education programs.

CASA Executive Director: Gustavo Torres

CASA Director of Services: Kerry O'Brien

CASA Senior Manager, Legal Program: Enid Gonzalez Aleman


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