Social Security Announces that It Can Get VA Medical Record Electronically

Veteran Health Records Now Available without Delay

Social Security is always finding new ways to provide world-class service. We now receive Veteran and eligible family member’s medical records electronically from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) using health information technology (health IT).

We request close to 15 million medical records from healthcare organizations to make decisions on about three million disability claims annually. Health IT brings the speed and power of electronic medical records to the disability determination process. With health IT, we can obtain medical records in minutes.

We have added the VA to the Department of Defense and more than 50 other health IT partners, which represent about 7,000 facilities across the country that provide us with electronic health records. When we receive medical records immediately and electronically, we are speeding claims processing time and reducing manual efforts. Health IT has already helped obtain records for hundreds of thousands of disability claims.

Our goal is to continue expanding the number of healthcare organizations and federal agencies providing electronic health records to us, within a safe and secure environment, and to meet the needs of our customers.

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