Your Maryland Scenic Photo Here!

MDJustice needs window dressing!  

I have been rotating photos on the front page, just to keep things interesting, but I live in Frederick, so many of the photos are local scenes.  Lovely, but ´╗┐let's get some representation from across the state.  

This is not a contest, all you will get is the satisfaction of saying "That's my photo on MDJustice!"  If I put your photo in a permanent place on the website, I will attach a tag identifying you as the creator of the photo.  

So, some basic ground rules so we don't get in any trouble:

1. Submit only photos you have taken.

2. Submit an electronic copy of your photo stating that has permission to use the photo on this website, that you are not charging the website fees for use of the photo, and affirming that the photo is one you have taken.  Oh, and please identify the location of the scene.

3. The photos should be typical Maryland scenes. Preferably without identifiable people in them.  We can't show people without getting each person's written permission, and I don't want to keep track of that.

Thank you for making a more artistic contribution to our website!

Katherine J. Jones, Maryland Legal Aid


We welcome your comments and suggestions