New MDJustice Website

Thank you all for letting me present the new MDJustice website at the Task Force meeting. The new MDJustice website can be found at Your current MDJustice username/password should be the same. If for some reason you cannot login please email me at or call me at 410-951-7799.

I encourage everyone to look around the new website and to test it out. Feel free to create a post, add comments, etc. The only caveat is all the material on the new MDJustice website will be erased when it goes live so don't add anything of importance to the new site. Please give me feedback on the new site by posting it here or under the same post on the new MDJustice website. We are still in the phase where we can add and change features on the website. Once the site goes live it will be much more difficult.

Matthew Stubenberg


We welcome your comments and suggestions