Open Enrollment & Medicaid Redetermination Fact Sheets

Hi all,

I was happy to be able to join the Public Benefits Task Force meeting today, and mentioned that the Drug Policy Clinic had developed two one-page fact sheets with basic dates and other information related to Medicaid redeterminations and the upcoming Open Enrollment period for Qualified Health Plans.  The attached PDFs are in color for online posting, but they print out just fine/legibly on a black and white printer.

The Clinic is looking forward to working with individuals on Medicaid and QHP issues.  As I mentioned at the Task Force today, no question is too minor (our students are happy to help field preliminary eligibility/application questions as well as post-eligibility determinations), and we have no income restrictions, so referrals from people over-income for legal Aid services are welcome.



Geraldine M. Doetzer, Clinic Staff Attorney

Drug Policy & Public Health Strategies Clinic

University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law

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