Dischargeability of Post-petition Condo Fees / Forcing Sale of Home

Katherine, the Mannes decision I mentioned at the Task Force meeting today is In re Khan, 504 B.R. 409 (Bankr.D.Md. 2014).  Sorry, I misspoke earlier - this is a chapter 13 case, not a chapter 7 case.  Court basically held that in a ch. 13, debtor can discharge personal liability for post-petition condo fees, even if he/she continues to hold title.  Some of the practitioners I spoke to mentioned that they could see the other bankruptcy judges limiting this holding, but so far, this appears to be good law.  

Also, here's the case re forcing a bank to foreclose on a home: In re Pigg, 453 B.R. 728 (Bankr.M.D.Tenn. 2011).  Not sure how limited the holding is to the facts of that ch. 7 case.  Maybe you can file a ch. 13 and put in some creative language in the plan to try to force the sale?  If the mortgage company doesn't object and the plan is confirmed, they are bound by it.  Sorry, no definitive answers here but hope these leads are helpful.  


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