PJC's new hours at Baltimore City district court (housing cases)

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Allow me to plug what should be a helpful resource to walk-ins/callers who rent in Baltimore City:

PJC’s housing team is now on site at the Baltimore City district court (501 E. Fayette St.) five days a week. Our certified paralegal (Levern Blackmon) and attorneys (Matt Hill, Ronnie Reno, Zafar Shah) are available to meet with tenants – first come, first served – on the second floor, Room 203, from 8:30AM to 2:00PM each day. We can be reached at court, (410) 878-8664, or otherwise at PJC’s main office, (410) 625-9409.

We hope you will send folks our way and spread the word -- I have attached a flier to this email to make it easy!

As you know, PJC offers brief advice and legal representation to renters struggling with eviction or poor housing conditions. We especially seek cases involving excessive fees and charges, deceptive notices or collection practices, landlord retaliation, illegal lockout or utility shut-off, and foreclosed properties.


Zafar Shah


Public Justice Center

(410) 625-9409 ext. 237


1 North Charles Street, Suite 200

Baltimore, MD 21201

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