Consumer Health Foundation Launches New Website - Ngozi Project

The Consumer Health Foundation launched the Ngozi website - a consumer-focused resource that provides information about accessing and paying for health care in DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia. The project was named after Ngozi Hall, a Prince George's County uninsured resident who shared her difficulties in finding health care for herself and her husband at a community forum that was organized by the Foundation. Ms. Hall said that it would be helpful to have a resource about the health care system.


The Ngozi website provides information on health access that is:

The materials which have been developed will:


Help children and adults who don't have health insurance:

  • find out if they qualify for public insurance
  • start the application process
  • learn about options if they don't qualify for public insurance but still need help
  • know what's available if they are not U.S. citizens
  • find where to go for more help

Help people with medical bills:

  • find out if their insurance should cover it
  • contest an incorrect bill
  • find a health insurance program that can help pay
  • learn what to do if a collection agency contacts them
  • know where to go for more help

Help everyone communicate better with their providers through:

  • tips for preparing for appointments
  • examples of how to get the information they need from providers
  • suggestions for keeping track of their health records

 Help provide information about health care reform especially:

  • what it means for uninsured individuals and immigrants

In developing the resource, the Foundation gathered input from community health workers, social workers, parish nurses, hotline operators and school counselors who worked or volunteered in nonprofit organizations. It also partnered with national and local organizations to obtain their feedback.


The Foundation hopes that by providing this resource, residents of our region will be better informed and empowered in navigating the health care system. The Foundation views this resource as a first step and we welcome your feedback about the Ngozi Project website, especially in how we can make it most useful to our community. Please email your comments to


We welcome your comments and suggestions