IOLTA and Pro Bono reporting success

If you have been paying attention to the news at all, one of the stories you have heard is about all of the funding cutbacks legal services programs are facing.  As a result, programs are making extra efforts to increase our fundraising from private sources.  It is always nice when that effort is an easy one.

Recently, the Access to Justice Commission made a small change to the IOLTA and Pro Bono reporting website.  When an attorney completes the report online, the last thing they see is a page where they can choose to donate to one of the many legal services programs in Maryland.  Maryland Legal Aid actually received donations from attorneys we had not received donations from before (and thank you to all of those attorneys). 

We have attorneys visiting this site, and we appreciate all of the pro bono work they do for clients.  However, we also have many people visiting this site looking for general legal assistance.  I would like to create a page similar to the one on the court website for MDJustice.  I am going to place that page as prominently as I can, without disturbing the design too much, on the "Self Help - When you can't afford a lawyer" page, and on the Pro Bono Task Force Group page. 

If you would like your organization listed on such a page, please send me the same information for your PayPal button as you sent to Pamela Ortiz for the court website.  You might want to create a new button, so you can track where the donation is coming from, but I need the same kind of code as Pam used.  Call me at 410-951-7799 to discuss where to send that code.

Katherine J. Jones
Assistant Director of IT for Law Practice


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