Evidence: how to get material from social network and other websites into evidence

If you need to know how to get that Facebook page, or Tweet, into evidence, this is the case for Maryland.

If I ever get a breather, I collected some good materials from a training I helped create and present at the MD Bar Association meeting in July.  This was one of the cases we reviewed for Maryland, and is the primary test for evidence now.  

Without meaning to offend the prosecutors in this case, the evidence presented on where the documents came from, and who had control over the website, was pretty thin.  As a result, it is now more important than ever that attorneys understand technology well enough to use it, or defend against it, in trial. 

Westlaw link to the decision - you have to have a Westlaw account to access the page: Griffin v. State of MD.

Griffin v State.pdf64.24 KB


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