Survey About this Website for Advocate Users

Please go to the link below to complete a survey about how the website is working for you at this point in time.  I need to file a report next week, and am testing out the webform function of the site.  The webform function of the website seems to work at least as well as Survey Monkey, we may never need to use that website again!

The survey is an LSC instrument, so that's why the questions are what they are.  But see what kinds of questions we can create with the webform?  I have not broadly granted permissions for the webform tool, and it does require a bit of learning.  If you would like to be able to create surveys on our website, let me know, I can help you with some of the tougher issues.

In the meantime, please take some time by next Tuesday to complete the form.  If you cannot do it by Tuesday, do it whenever you can, just to see how it works, and, of course, to provide the very valuable feedback it will provide Legal Aid for future improvement of the website!


We welcome your comments and suggestions