Health Care Reform in Maryland: Oct. 29, 2013 training materials

This book is a collection of the materials from the October 29, 2013 training, Health Care Reform in Maryland: What Legal Services Advocates Need to Know.

The training includes:

Utilities Updates 2011

This book includes information provided at a Utilities Update Webinar presented by Cynthia J. Riely,Director, Consumer Assistance at the Office of People's Counsel on September 27, 2011.

In addition to the presentation, also included are resource sheets by jurisdiction and other fact sheets regarding contracting for electricity and natural gas services.

Civil Right to Counsel (Civil Gideon)


This Book will have to be organized as we gather information.  Right now I've noticed we have a lot of "civil Gideon" information kind of spread around MDJustice, and I thought it might be helpful to gather it in one place.  We'll see.  It is not in any particular order yet.

Human Rights

The Book Of Human Rights

by J. Peter Sabonis, Esq.

This and the following pages are an attempt to bring Human Rights documents, materials, and arguments within easy reach of legal advocates.

Bringing Human Rights Home

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