Medicaid Financial Eligibility in 2017 Pursuant to the Pickle Amendment

From Justice in Aging:

Medicaid benefits can help increase the affordability of Medicare for some low-income people who qualify. In most states, one avenue for qualifying for Medicaid benefits is “Pickle” eligibility, which is available to certain individuals who once received both SSI and Social Security benefits but now only receive Social Security because their income exceeds SSI limits.

Older adults who are eligible through the Pickle Amendment can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year in Medicare Part B premiums and copayments. Younger adults with disabilities, particularly those who do not live in states that have expanded Medicaid, may also find Pickle eligibility to be a lifesaver.

Figuring out whether your client might qualify for Medicaid under Pickle rules can seem daunting, but thanks to a tool developed by the Tennessee Justice Center, it’s really not hard at all. The tool has just been updated for 2017 and makes it easy to do the math to determine whether your client will qualify.  

Be sure to start using this 2017 version as soon as the New Year starts.

Our thanks to Gordon Bonnyman at Tennessee Justice Center for sharing this valuable resource with advocates from other states.


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