How to use Citrix GoToMeetings for Task Force Meetings and Trainings

In order to facilitate access to the various Task Force meetings of the Legal Aid Bureau, you can go to Links, and, if you are a member of a Task Force, you will find the link to that Task Force's GoToMeeting information.In addition, I recently added the link to each Task Force GoToMeeting page to the calendar item for each Task Force on the website.  Clicking on the name of the calendar item will take you to that calendar item page, show you the link to the GoToMeeting page for the Task Force, and there you will find the GoToMeeting link.  Click on thatlink and it will take you to the GoToMeeting website, where a small popup window will appear to ask you to download the GoToMeeting application. Say yes.  That will take a minute or two.  Then you will be asked for your name and email address - please let other folks know who you are and how to reach you.  If this does not work the first time you try it, click on the GoToMeeting link again.

Once you enter your name and email address, a panel (see picture at right)GoToMeeting panel and a GoToMeeting window appear on your desktop.  The panel will show the conference line number and access code that you will need to call, as well as the audio PIN requested, when you log onto the GoToMeeting online.  The window is where you will see what the Task Force is looking at on the computer used at the meeting, if they choose to use it.  

If you want folks online to see the materials discussed during the meeting, please email those materials to the chair before the meeting.  The Task Force may want to collaborate on making changes to brochures, pleadings and other documents during meetings, refer to or explore new online websites during the meeting, or show PowerPoint or video presentations during the meeting. This window is where you can see what the in-person attendees are seeing.

So remember, find the GoToMeeting link to connect to the online window, and call the conference number listed to participate in the discussion during the meeting.  

If anyone has any trouble connecting to the meeting, please call Katherine Jones at 443-604-4729 - that's my cell phone, and I don't use it to connect to the meeting conference line, so you can reach me there if there are problems. 

To schedule GoToMeeting, contact  You need to give ITHelp a title for the meeting, and the date and time of the meeting. 

You will also need to ask for any equipment you need.  Sometimes the meeting is between people from different offices, and no one needs any special equipment, they all just join the link and the phone call.  But if you are having a meeting from a centralized place, you need to make sure you have access to a computer at that meeting place.  Every office has a laptop, laptops travel, so you can bring your office laptop to the meeting place.  If you do not want to bring a laptop to the meeting place, you will need to request that a laptop be provided.  You may need to request that from the office where the meeting will be held.  In Baltimore City, make your request to ITHelp. 

You may also need a projector, so people in your meeting can see what you are sharing with people online.  Request a projector from IThelp.  If your meeting is in Baltimore City, let ITHelp know where to set up the projector, and whether you will be using your office laptop, or the one you requested from ITHelp.  If your meeting is not in Baltimore City, you will need to make arrangements to go to Baltimore City to pick up the projector, and then to return it.  It helps to find out who is traveling to the meeting from Baltimore City to do this, but make sure you make that arrangement.  ITHelp will not be doing that part.  We do not know who may be attending the meeting, you do. 

If your meeting is not in Baltimore City, you will also need to set the projector and the laptop up yourself, and connect to the internet and to the Legal Aid network if you will be trying to use Practice Manager, to access your home drivce, or to access your email.  You may want to spend some time learning how to do that well in advance of the meeting, and then you may also want to get to your meeting early so you can get everything set up and ready to go for your participants. 

I can teach you how to start the GoToMeeting, and how to make it work during the meeting.  Reach me at

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