Pro Se Manual for women who have fled domestic violence in their home countries seeking protection in the US

This looks like a very good resource for people we may not otherwise be able to help.

Dear Colleagues & Friends, 

The Center for Gender & Refugee Studies is pleased to announce that we recently published a pro se manual for women who have fled domestic violence in their home countries and are seeking protection in the United States.  We developed this manual in response to a call from advocates after hearing countless stories of women who fled domestic violence but who did not apply for asylum or were denied relief because they were unable to obtain representation while in immigration detention.  Although this manual is geared at women in detention who face imminent removal from the United States, the manual also instructs women on how to file for asylum affirmatively.  We hope it will increase awareness of the availability of asylum based on domestic violence and provide the tools needed for women who have no choice but to represent themselves.      

The manual is available on our new website (check us out!) at this link.  Please share widely with your networks, community based organizations, and local detention centers.  Please contact us if you would like a hard copy of the manual mailed to you and/or have suggestions for where we should distribute the manual, as we have a limited number of copies available.   Versions in Spanish and Haitian Creole are forthcoming. 


The CGRS Team
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