People's Law Library - new Spanish Content!

The People's Law Library has long been a valuable tool for Maryland residents trying to learn more about how Maryland law affects their lives.  If you are not familiar with the People's Law library, find it at  The website is maintained by the Maryland State Law Library, but content is contributed by lawyers across the state. 

The website has recently been updated with 36 of the most used of 700 pages translated into Spanish for Maryland residents.  The website already had a Spanish portal to some content in Spanish, and to other websites with legal help translated into Spanish.  You can find that portal at

A new Spanish portal is being developed which will link users to the newly translated pages.  In the meantime, I am attaching a list of the pages for your reference.

When you land on a page of content on the website, look for this:

Picture of the Espanol link

In the picture above, "How Do I" is the name of the page, and Espanol (where did my tilde go?) is an active link on the real page that will take you to that same page translated into Spanish.

I may update this page with links to the Spanish pages, but that's not going to happen today.  I will, however, attach a copy of the list of pages with the names in English.  Unfortunately, it is a pdf, so there's no way to link the page names to the actual pages on PLL at this time. 

Besides, PLL will have the Spanish portal up and running very soon.

PLL Spanish.pdf88.27 KB


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