Guardianship Handbook

What do you do if your grandfather, who lives alone and can no longer cook for himself, won't leave his home for a nursing home or assisted living facility?

What do you do if your aunt can no longer manage her finances but seems capable of caring for herself in her small apartment?

These questions and others are answered in the new edition of the Guardianship Handbook . . .

The Law & Health Care Program at the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law (UM Carey Law) and the Delivery of Legal Services Section Council of the Maryland State Bar Association (MSBA) have published a guide to help both laypeople and attorneys navigate adult guardianship in Maryland. “Guardianship and Its Alternatives: A Handbook on Maryland Law” was originally written by UM Carey Law Professor Joan O'Sullivan, a champion for the legal rights of the elderly, who passed away in 2007. The 2011 Edition was revised and updated by Virginia Rowthorn, JD, Managing Director of the Law & Health Care Program, and Ellen Callegary, JD, a prominent elder law and disability lawyer in Maryland.

The impetus for the updated Handbook was various changes in guardianship law over the last two decades and a realization by elder law and disability lawyers on the Delivery of Legal Services Section Council that there is a great need for practical, easy-to-read advice regarding guardianship for elderly and disabled Maryland residents. The Handbook also sets forth a comprehensive list of alternatives to the formal guardianship process, a time-consuming and sweeping process that may not always be necessary to address a number of problems associated with lack of decision-making capacity.

The book is available as an online guide you can page through at:


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