Former Employer Harrassment...What to do?

I have an unemployment client who was working as an office manager for her nephew for 11 years.  She was terminated one day when he got upset with her and told her to leave and never come back.  We just won at the lower appeals level and she was found eligible for unemployment benefits.  Since then, the former employer, her nephew, has been stalking her.  He follows her around town and takes photos of her--presumably to make a case that she is earning income that she is not reporting, which she is not.  He figured out the password to her personal email address and cancelled the account.  He also has been calling any prospective employer she may contact--even before she contacts them--to give her negative references. 

I have advised her to file a complaint for stalking with the local police.  She is hesitant to do so because of the $70 charge.  Is there a fee waiver for such things?

Also, what other remedies are available to her?



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