Health Benefit Exchange Board - Materials from last meeting

At the last Health Benefit Exchange Board meeting presentations were made re. procurement, hiring, the legislative studies that need to be undertaken and the make-up of the advisory committees to the board.  Materials are attached.  Lists of who has been named to the Advisory Committee and their areas of focus can be found in the resolution to approve scopes of assistance and the advisory committees process presentation.

Here is the link if interested

Next meeting will be held July 19 from 1-4 pm at the Maryland Health Care Commission, 4160 Patterson Avenue
Baltimore Maryland 21215.

Resolution-to-Approve-Advisory-Process-Committee-Recommenations.pdf74.95 KB
Advisory-Process-Committee-Recommendations-Presentation.pdf367.91 KB
Proposed_Advisory_Committees_Roles.pdf36.36 KB
Legislative-Studies-Presentation.pdf378.21 KB
Resolution_to_Approve_Scopes_of_Assistance_Exhibit_A_included.pdf78.56 KB
Resolution_of_Board_of_Trustees_Adopting_Procurement_Policies_and_Procedures.pdf94.48 KB


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