Sample PIA Request to a Housing Authority

The Southern MD LAB office has experienced some pretty egregious due process violations in dealing with all three of our county housing authorities.  We sent the attached letter to all of them.  One immediately called and set up a meeting with us to discuss proposed changes to the administrative plan; we met with them and are considering best practices changes.  One called me and told me it would cost $11K to get the documents.  One called an told me it would be $11K to get the documents, then followed up with a letter saying that (1) they don't have to review and change the administrative plan at any set interval of time, but only do it "if our policy changes;" and (2) we don't have to get approval from HUD when we make changes to the administrative plan.  I'm really enjoying this, and having entirely too much fun for it to be work.

PIA Housing Authority Sample.doc166.5 KB


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