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Go to the website: for help filing your tax return online for free.

I-CAN!® E-File can help you prepare and E-File your taxes. Just answer simple questions on each screen and I-CAN!® E-File will complete your tax return.

You can prepare and E-File your federal return for FREE

When you prepare your federal return, I-CAN!® E-File can also help you prepare your state return if you lived and worked all year in one of the following states: California, Michigan, Montana, New York, or Pennsylvania. I-CAN!® E-File also supports Alaskan resident's dividends. You can always print and E-File your state return for FREE along with your federal return.

You cannot use I-CAN!® E-File to prepare or E-File a state-only return.

Let I-CAN!® E-file do the paperwork for you and get your refund Fast, Free and Easy!


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