Maryland Legal Aid self help brochures

Maryland Legal Aid has published a number of brochures and guides for clients.  You can find copies here:

Brochures for clients about various topics from Maryland Legal Aid:

General Information Brochure 
Human Needs & Human Rights
Welcome to Legal Aid English
Welcome to Legal Aid Spanish
If I'm Sued 
Debt Collection Know Your Rights 
Debt Collection Harassment 
Bankruptcy:What You Need to Know in Maryland
Security Deposits 
Rent Escrow 
HUD Subsidized Housing
Food Stamps
Protections for Direct Deposit of Federal Benefits
The Basics of Child Custody & Visitation
Divorce Basics
Access to Child Records 
Medical Assistance
Social Services Appeal Rights
Long Term Care Assistance Project
What Is Elder Abuse? 
Nursing Home Rights
Nursing Homes - Avoiding Discharge
Nursing Homes - Involuntary Discharge
Nursing Homes - Medical Rights
Maryland Senior Legal Helpline
Planning for Incapacity
  Instructions and Wallet Cards
Fair Pay Booklet English
Fair Pay Booklet Spanish
Farmworkers Know Your Rights! English
Farmworkers Know Your Rights! Spanish
Farmworkers Know Your Rights! Creole
Ryan White Project Supportive Services Legal Assistance

MLAGeneralBrochure.pdf211.24 KB
MLA-HumanRights.pdf243.13 KB
MLA-Welcome.pdf231.61 KB
Spanish MLA welcome.pdf218.05 KB
MLAIfI'mSued.pdf310.3 KB
MLA-DebtClctKnowYourRights.pdf253.03 KB
MLA-DebtClctHarassment.pdf346.66 KB
MLABankruptcy.pdf256.69 KB
MLASecurityDeposit.pdf216.94 KB
MLARentEscrow.pdf218.71 KB
MLATenantRightsEvictions.pdf265.95 KB
MLATenantsRightsHUD.pdf232.3 KB
MLA-FoodStamps.pdf238.16 KB
Protections for Direct Deposit Federal Benefits.pdf393.41 KB
MLAChildCustody.pdf252.77 KB
MLADivorce.pdf258.42 KB
Access to Child Records flyer.pdf306.48 KB
MLAMedAssistance.pdf206.4 KB
MLASocServAppeal.pdf341.06 KB
LTCAPbrochure.pdf36.02 KB
MLANursingHomeRights.pdf332.27 KB
MLA-NursingHomeAvoiding Discharge.pdf318.04 KB
MLANursing HomeInvoluntaryDischarge.pdf250.16 KB
SeniorHelplineFlyer.pdf1.41 MB
MLA-FairPayBooklet.pdf529.26 KB
MLA-FairPaySpanish.pdf512.34 KB
MLA-FarmworkersEng.pdf587.73 KB
MLA-FarmworkersSpan.pdf595.39 KB
MLA-FarmworkersCreole.pdf551.95 KB
MLA-RyanWhite.pdf262.2 KB
MLA-NursingHomeMedRts.pdf277.58 KB


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