July 2011

Videos about Human Rights from Wide Angle Youth Media

Human rights videos from a local youth group, http://vimeo.com/wideanglemedia. My good friend Kate Bladow suggests: "Perhaps with the students' interest in human rights there might be a possibility for a collaboration or partnership? Or could it be interesting to have the students work on a series of self-help videos that educate youth & others about legal rights? I think that the students could come up with some pretty interesting videos, and as far as LSC funding, that could be a pretty innovative technology grant." TIGs aside, the underlying idea is a great one.

Legal Aid featured on Insight on Disability

Posted: 19 Jul 2011 10:26 AM PDT

Two Maryland Legal Aid lawyers were guests Sunday on WCBM-AM’s Insight on Disability talk radio show hosted by Mike Gerlach. The topic: Children with disabilities in the foster care system.


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